Filtration Solutions

     Diverse markets: commercial,
     residential, food service, industrial, or
     municipal...we are your solution!


Medical &
Pharmaceutical Applications

     High quality cartridges for high purity applications,
     manufactured in a Class 10,000 clean room
     with USP Class IV plastics.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater and
Storm Water Treatment

     Housings and cartridges providing superior filtration
     for wastewater and other fluid processes.

Water and Beverage Bottling

Water and
Beverage Bottling

     Several ranges of filters that improve
     clarity, taste, and odor in the production
     of bottled water and other beverages.

Drinking Fountain

Drinking Water

     Serving residential and
     commercial markets for public
     water safety.

Gas & Oil Processing

Gas & Oil Processing

     Filtration for gas and oil
     technologies in today's
     growing market.