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Oil-only Sorbent Media

Oil-only Sorbent Media

These oil-only adsorbent products offer protection for repair shops, industrial plants, emergency applications, and many other situations. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives for more information.

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Product Description


Oil-only Sorbent Media Products

NeoLogic Solutions offers various oil-only sorbent media products. These oil-only, hydrophobic products have been proven to adsorb hydro carbon petroleum based liquids quickly, while expelling water. These products are available for a variety of situations including manufacturing, easy-clean-up, and emergencies.

For use in:

  • Automotive Repair
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Drilling Fields
  • Emergency First Responders
  • Industrial Plants
  • Marine Applications
Oil-only Sorbent Products Available:Product Features:
Drum TopperDrum toppers are flexible and absorb oil quickly. These are available in standard 55 gallon container sizes.

Fluff and GranularFluff and granular media are made of hydrophobic polypropylene and are specifically engineered to soak up hydro carbon. Fluff has stringy open fibers, ideal for water or hard surfaces. Granular polypropylene can be sprinkled on small spaces or thrown in tight areas.

Hand TowelsThese low lint towels are conveniently packaged, allowing absorption of small spills. Conveniently packaged, these towels are prefect for cleaning parts and pieces during machinery maintenance or for cleaning work spaces.

PillowsAvailable in various sizes, allowing a clean work environment even in tight spaces. With ultra sonic, welded seams, these pillows provide leak protection for your manufacturing or industrial environment.

Rolls and Railroad RugsRolls of melt blown fibrous polypropylene sheets are available in standard or customized lengths and widths. Rolls are available on a standard size 3" core for ease of use with manufactured perforation, allowing easy dispensing and use.

Sheets are made of melt blown fibrous polypropylene and are available in various sizes for specific applications. These are flexible and can be used on land or water surfaces.

TubesTubes are ideal for containing large spill areas on land or in bodies of water. Multiple tubes can be linked together with the metal fasteners to isolate clean-up areas and absorb larger spills.

WrapsWraps can be perforated for specific application requirements. These can be used to cover troubled well head leaks or point of use machinery leaks. With hook and loop straps, these wraps can be used in easy placement and containment.